10 Color Inspirations for Birthday Party Decoration at Home

Pink Purple White Birthday Party DecorationPreparing a birthday party for you or your family members would be a challenging thing to do. You can start by choosing the birthday cake and some presents. No less important, the birthday party would be more exciting if you decorate your home in such a way to make the moment more memorable. Then, how to decorate a home for a birthday party?

Well, many people use the color red and green for a birthday party home decoration since those colors are able to make it more festive. However, there are actually many more color options you can choose.

There are ten beautiful colors you can apply to decorate your home for a birthday party. With this color inspiration you can turn your home into a beautiful and inviting place.

1. Blue and red
If you are already bored with the combination of green and red, the combination of blue and red would be great to your birthday party decoration. It will surely make your home look fresh.

2. Purple and red
The color purple is associated with the color of royalty. Purple gives a touch of graceful when mixed with red. Dark purple color is a great choice if your room is dominated by wooden furniture.

3. Brown and green
If you like the classic traditional style, green and brown color combination may be a perfect choice. Besides, the color brown will bring an elegant look to your house.

4. Navy and silver
Navy color is a neutral color that matches with any color applied. Combining it with a little silver color will make your dining table look more fresh. It would absolutely make the birthday party decoration more festive.

5. Pink
Pink for decorating your birthday party at home? Why not? Pink gives the impression of excitement, especially for children.

6. Turquoise and silver
The combination of these colors is good to be applied to the dining table. These two colors create the impression of calm in your dining room.

7. Colorful
Too difficult to decide which color for your birthday party decor? Try to be creative with a lot of colors. With a little creativity you will be able to bring a unique room decor.

8. Gold
The color gold is associated with elegance and richness. It will give a sparkle to any room. Your room will be sparkling when exposed to light.

9. Pink and gold
This color is suitable for you who are not too feminine but still want to incorporate the color pink in home decor.

10. White and purple
The combination of these two colors will sweeten and add a romantic feel to your dining room.

There is no need to be confused what to color to pick to create a perfect birthday party decoration. There are a lot of color combination options that may inspire you, helping you to festive the birthday party.

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