10 Easy Tips to Create a Healthy Home

Healthy Home ExteriorA healthy home does not need to be big and luxurious. In fact, there are small homes that support the occupants’ health very well. Of course we will not feel comfortable if we live in a big house yet we often get sick easily. That’s why we need to gain more information about it. What are actually we need to consider when creating a healthy home? Well, let’s check the following tips:

  1. Install adequate ventilation system in every room. It can be done by placing windows on the wall or if it is possible you can create ventilation on the roof.
  2. Optimize the amount of sunlight which enters the room. We should be aware of humidity which can create a place for bacteria.
  3. Place the septic tank as far as possible from the home, moreover if we use ground water as our daily consumption. Besides dirty, it also can cause various diseases.
  4. If you have multi storey house, you have to design proper stairs. The steps should be in 30 cm wide and maximum of 20 cm high. Wrong designed stairs can cause us get tired easily when walking on it and it will be bad for our bones’ health.
  5. Install plafond in a proper height. Too short ceiling will make the room feel hot and not comfortable for us.
  6. Install adequate lighting for the home; not too dark or not too bright.
  7. Don’t use fans a lot because it may cause lung illness.
  8. Create a garden at the terrace, inside the home, or around the home. Trees are able to produce oxygen which is very important for our body.
  9. Choose construction materials properly. For instance, slippery ceramic tiles can cause slips. Also, some construction materials contain hazardous materials. Thus, we need to select the materials very thoroughly to avoid any dangerous thing.
  10. Keep the home clean. A dirty home is absolutely not comfortable to live in. Also, it can cause germs to breed and diseases will come.

Those are some requirements you need to consider when building a home. Make sure that you have thought about the tips above before building your home. A healthy home requires a healthy lifestyle too. Good luck then.

image credit: cleanritefloorcare.com 

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