10 Pictures of Smart Bathroom Flooring Idea

bamboo tile bathmat When it comes to bathroom flooring, there are some considerations you should know; whether they are durable, safe/not slippery, look nice, and how it feels under your bare feeds. However, the main consideration for choosing bathroom floor plans is of course moisture. There are many bathroom flooring options which are possible to be applied for your bathroom, including stones, ceramics, vinyl, laminate, solid hardwood, or even carpet. From those options, we recommend three best options; stones, vinyl, and ceramics. These three materials can resist moisture much better than other materials. They are waterproof and will perform no moisture problem. Stones would be great to be applied as your master bathroom floor plans. They will create a luxurious impression yet require much more money than other materials. Vinyl is popular among homeowners since it is less expensive yet offers a wide range styles. Also, it is a simple DIY project for every homeowner. Like stones, ceramic tiles offer a solid feeling to your bathroom. It is waterproof, looks pretty good, and fairly inexpensive. Ceramic bathroom floor tile comes up in a wide variety of shapes such as octagonal and hexagonal. The problem which might come from stones and ceramic tiles is that they might be slippery. Yet, you can overcome it by texturing them.

The following are ten impressive ideas of bathroom flooring which may inspire you. They are taken from HGTV, shared by expert designers. Enjoy.

pebble stone tile bathroom flooring
In this simple and serene bathroom, the pebble floor is not the focal point but is rather the thread that sews the entire room together.
consistent tiling bathroom flooring
The 12x12 ceramic tile flooring in the bathroom coordinates nicely with the tilework within the shower without appearing too identical.
pebble and marble bathroom flooring
Exotic marble flooring in the vanity area brings a luxurious touch to the space.
stylish and functional bathroom flooring
These large multi-toned, dark gray tiles have a little texture on top that can easily hide dirt and prevent slipping.
marble effect bathroom flooring
The stunning light gray tiles in this room reflect both the natural light pouring in from the window and the soft light of the chandelier.
bamboo tile bathmat
For a textured look, incorporate a built-in bathmat made from Sobu bamboo tiles..
bathroom flooring tile
In this spacious master bathroom, the homeowners use a vine border to create interest and bring the room to life.
river rock bathroom flooring
A river rock floor is a less expensive way to add a luxurious look to a bathroom.
neutral tile bathroom flooring
Having a soft, neutral tile in your bathroom is an excellent way to visually expand the space.

concrete bathroom flooring
These oversized concrete tiles create a consistent feel throughout the room, while still offering the practicality that is expected from their ceramic counterparts.


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