10 Smart Tips to Organize a Family Room

Modern Family Room

Create a comfortable family room for your family members by using attractive colors, smart furniture choice, and right organization. Make sure that the family room involves style, comfort, and function. Here are some tips in creating a comfortable and attractive family room design.

1 . Balance the family room
Balance the family friendliness and beauty by involving lots of chic colors and patterns in your family room. Bright colors are very appealing to children and adults, as well as combinations of patterns that provide a tasteful style to your family room. Just consider some outdoor fabrics that are durable, or slipcovers that can be washed.

2 . Colors and furniture
An open family room can increase the family togetherness in which the father can work, while the mother is also active in the kitchen and the children do homework at the dining table in the family room. Strive to unite different areas of this function by using the same color throughout the room. However, use different furniture placement to divide the activity zone.

3 . Prioritize the comfort
A sofa is an ideal seat for relaxing. Place the sofa with lots of cushions so that all of the family members can be comfortable when sitting or lying on the sofa.

4 . Kids’ homework time
When you want to help your kids to do their homework as every evening, the family room can be transformed into a conducive area to do this activity. Make some sort of space to do homework that supports the kids. Set a table on one side of the room away from distractions. Two clean chairs and a dining table can be an appropriate working space for children to complete their homework.

5 . Wash and use
Washable slipcovers will make your furniture always seem new. No matter what accidents or spills that can happen, you can always get rid of it by washing and putting on the cover of the sofa back.

6 . Select the best floor
The wood floor may give a beautiful look, but not a practical choice for a family room. Use rugs to define the main part of the living room. And, let the wooden floor shine around the room. A soft carpet is also comfortable for the hands and knees of children who are still learning to crawl. Use the gripper mat under the carpet to keep the carpet in place and prevents shifting carpet.

7 . Decorate the window
The window offers a great opportunity for you to be creative with patterns. Solid colored furnishings keep the family room look earthy, but bold colored window hangings can increase cheerfulness. If you have some standard windows, look for an inexpensive way to experiment with patterns. Bedcovers, sheets, shower curtains can also be a unique bind for the family room. Use some clip-on rings so it is easy to make this fabric swinging in the railing.

8 . TV storage cabinet
Solve the problems on your crowded family room by hiding the TV in a cabinet. An armoire cabinet can hide a large tube TV as easy to hide a flat TV, as well as some devices and DVDs. And, you can combine cabinets that fit your style and customize the look of your zone.

9 . Use themes
Bring the outdoor feel using the theme of birds and blooming flowers inside the room. For the background, apply a sky blue wall with some pictures/leaves and floral pattern. Colorful ceramic birds can also be arranged neatly in display cases to emphasize the theme.

10 . Raise the ceiling
Add the impression of height in the room by hanging curtains from the ceiling down to the floor. Then, position the sofa in the middle of the room. Do not put it right against the wall. In addition, make several alternative paths to pass the room so that it will feel more spacious.

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