10 Things You Must Know on How to Install Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding has been popular for exterior building materials among homeowners. It is due to its easy installation and easy maintenance. Besides, there are many home centers offering various styles and colors trims, allowing homeowners to create a more decorative exterior look. Although vinyl siding installation is a do-it-yourself project, there are many things you should know to avoid bad installation. Guess what? Many homeowners got problem with their vinyl siding just because of the wrong installation. Thus, it is recommend browse around the web on how to install vinyl siding on a house. It is much better when you watch how to install vinyl siding video to help you so. Well, the following are ten things you must know when installing vinyl siding, taken from DIY Network.

how to install vinyl siding
1. Vinyl siding is absolutely a great way to keep your house maintenance free and enhance the look of it. Say goodbye to brush, sweat, and tears from your old siding.
how to install vinyl siding2
2. You can leave certain materials in your house if it's in a good shape. Yet, it would be better to the take off what's there, get back to the sheathing, put a house wrap on it, foam and then apply the vinyl siding.
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3. When measuring your house for siding, do not deduct for windows or doors. Measure it like it's a square from the width -- from the bottom to the top of the peak. Measure everything.
how to install vinyl siding4
4. Work with a friend. Hanging it from one ladder is extremely difficult. You are dealing with very flimsy pieces. You need at least two ladders and a trusted friend.
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5. Always use a level. Snap a level line all the way around your house. The first piece of vinyl you're going to hang is on the starter strip. It will be made of aluminum and it usually comes about 3 inches in width and 12 feet long. It is important to check your level every four or five courses by putting a level on the siding.
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6. When cutting vinyl siding, it's usually to go into a corner. Whatever your measurement is, take at least 1/4" or 1/8" on both sides for the panel to slide back and forth. If you don't cut your siding short, when it expands in the summer it's going to buckle. Keep it short and sweet.
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7. Hide the seams. Always start from the back of the house and work forward toward the street, so seams are now facing the backyard.
how to install vinyl siding8
8. Never nail the siding to your house, hang it. Set your nails about 1/8" to 1/16" away from the wall. This will allow movement when it expands or contracts.
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9. Add airflow. When heat builds up in your attic, it can warp your roof. Let that heat escape and keep an even temperature. Vent out your attic by installing perforated soffits with gable vents.

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10. Heat is Damaging. Your grill will be your siding's worst enemy. The heat it generates will damage your siding and you will have to replace it.

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