10 Tips for Decorating a Girls’ Bedroom

White Pink Girls' Bedroom DecorationThe idea of ​​decorating the girls’ bedroom will surely be enjoyable as when you dress to go to a show. There are many tricks that you can follow so that your little princess’ room does not seem too girly and can be maintained until she grows up.

  1. Use a minimalist approach. Soft colors, such as pale pink is perfect for girls of any age.
  2. Play with print. Select the minimalist motif prints with bright colors on the furniture. You must be smart to choose a motif that does not seem too childish. Choose more classical motifs or striped patterns. This motif will make it easier to mix and match with other objects.
  3. Use soft colors. Although primary and bright colors can create a fun atmosphere, but you might be better to stay with a more muted color tones, like blush pink and gray. Canopy beds can also be a fantastic piece for girls’ bedrooms. When your kid is still very young, you can add a canopy curtains textured princess, and when she is a teenager you can let it go.
  4. Use ruffles. Ruffles could provide additional girly touches on the bedroom. But avoid wrinkle white cloth and the one with animal print, because it could give the impression of a childish room.
  5. Create an impression of “New and Old“. Fill your child’s room with modern furniture which looks modern and also vintage, e.g. by adding a small closet with a suitcase pattern. It will help you to not make a too big change in the room when your child is growing up.
  6. Make the room grow together with the child. When choosing the bedroom furniture for your little girl’s room, make sure that you adjust it to her age and growth, and that it persists throughout the year.
  7. Add sparkle. Girls are often associated with something sparkling. You can also add sparkling elements to your kid’s bedroom as long as it looks nice, not too much. For example, you can install a beautiful chandelier on the bedroom ceiling.
  8. Use natural colors. One of the easiest ways to decorate a room is to use natural colors, such as white, black, gray, and brown. Accessories can be added to the color scheme for many years, such as colorful pillows and art, without having to redecorate the entire room.
  9. Focus on pop colors. Here is a great example of how to add a pop of color without making a big difference, i.e. by using it on the bed linens to add dimension to the room. You can replace it with another color sheets in accordance to the development and age of the child.
  10. Select an everlasting theme. There are many ways to apply a theme to a room without making it the center of everything. In the first year you could just decorate the room with a butterfly theme, and in the following year you could choose a pirate theme. In order to avoid doing a big bedroom renovation later, don’t apply the theme on the wallpaper. Instead, simply use small items or accessories to present the theme.

Those are several important yet easy tips for decorating a girl’s bedroom.  Provide the best bedroom design and decoration for your little girl so that she feels comfortable in her own room. Happy designing and decorating, parents.

Image credit: luvne.com 

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