12 Breathtaking Pictures of Dubai’s Engineering Masterpiece

City of Dubai Architecture The early part of the 21st century is quickly becoming known as the age of Dubai. Why is it called so? During that time, many world’s most impressive, amazing, breathtaking, and startling architectural project were being constructed in that city. Today, the city of Dubai has emerged into a global city and a business hub. It has attracted world attention through many innovative large construction project and sport events. Could you imagine what Dubai can be in, say, 20 years later? It has already had the world highest skyscraper, the world biggest mall, clean beaches, lush green parks, modern city comforts, and other admirable construction projects. This city embraces a wide variety of scenery in a very small area. No wonder that the city of Dubai is now a laid-back tourist escape. Everything is just right there in Dubai. I bet that you would like to see the 12 breathtaking Dubai city’s engineering masterpieces below.

Aerial View of Dubai 2

Famous Structure of Dubai

Reclaimed Island of Dubai

Reclaimed Land of Dubai City

City of Dubai Settlements

City of Dubai from Top 3

Explance of Settlement of Dubai

Famous Building of Dubai

City of Dubai from Top 2

Aerial View of Dubai

City of Dubai from TopImages credit: Home Designing 

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