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12 Smart Ideas to Create a Mood with Color

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 Category: Interior Designs
colorful decoration

Yellow: hello, sunshine.

Color is an endlessly fascinating subject to many people, including those who are going to have a home updates. Since color is available in a wide range of options, it always takes much time to decide what color is perfect for a home. Well, choosing just the right color for your home absolutely can be a daunting task. In fact, each color has its own philosophy and feeling which can inspire the homeowners then. To make color selection less intimidating, many interior designers suggest considering the feeling each color inspires. Today we bring you some ideas to create a mood in the interior design with color. These stunning ideas are taken from HGTV. And if you need much more information about the detail from each of the idea here, you can simply visit HGTV‘s site. Be inspired and get ready for home updates!

colorful decoration2

Yellow-Green: room for growth.

colorful decoration3

Green: good luck charm.

colorful decoration4

Blue-Green: the color of clarity.

colorful decoration5

Blue-violet: partially purple.

colorful decoration6

Violet: the royal treatment.

colorful decoration7

Red: ready for romance.

colorful decoration8

Red-Orange: high-energy hue.

colorful decoration9

Orange: carefree color.

colorful decoration10

White: tet there be light.

colorful decoration11

Pink: eternal optimist.

colorful decoration12

Gray: misty and ethereal.


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