13 Classroom Interior Design Ideas

Classroom Interiorimage credit: designshare.com

Classroom is a space in a school where students spend most of their time whether during the teaching learning process or during the break time. The common furniture in this space is students’ tables, students’ chairs, a teacher’s chair, cupboards, blackboards/whiteboards, and other class accessories. A classroom usually has the size of 9meters x 8 meters. The design of classroom should be in accordance to the standards implemented by the government which might include the lighting and air circulation. Besides, it should be designed as comfortable as possible since it is students’ space to do their learning process. A classroom is very meaningful for students. Well, today we present thirteen classroom interior designs from around the web. Enjoy them and be inspired then.

Classroom Interior Design 2Image credit: Interior DesignClassroom Interior Design Image credit: Interior DesignTypical Classroom InteriorImage credit: Design ShareClassroom Interior DesignImage credit: Catamount DesignClassroom Interior Design 3Image credit: hometrenddecorating.comClassroom Interior Design 4Image credit: Architect Ilya SibiryakovClassroom Interior Design 5Image credit: interiordesignhelper.comclassroom interiorImage credit: amtexcorp.comClassroom Interior Design 6Image credit: Modular ConnectionsClassroom Interior Design Image credit: apb ModularClassroom Interior Design Image credit: Green TechnologyClassroom Interior Design Image credit: Flickr

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