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14 Inspiring Ideas for Kids’ Room Storage and Organization

Saturday, August 25, 2012 Category: Bedroom Designs

kids room storage and organization7

Every homeowner wants to have an organized room and storage so that everything will be accessible and nice looking. What about your kids’ rooms? Well, kids have their own idea on how their room would be comfortable to stay in. If your kids’ idea of a clean room is everything piled in the corner, then it is the time for a storage-solution intervention. You need to help them keep their stuffs in a accessible way by creating a smart and attractive room storage and organization. Have you done it? Today we come up with 14 inspiring ideas for kids’ room storage and organization which are taken from HGTV. Let’s check out these expert designer spaces that use fresh ideas to create clutter-free kid spaces. Get inspired then!

kids room storage and organization

Hanging organizers, drawers and baskets clear up space to reveal a pop of purple paint from the closet.

kids room storage and organization2

Double the storage capacity in your child's closet by adding another rod for clothing.

kids room storage and organization3

Install kitchen cabinets in a child's room for ingenious storage. The insides can accommodate baskets full of toys and books, and the cabinet fronts can accommodate decorative decals, so it's not an eyesore.

kids room storage and organization4

Conquering wasted space: A newborn's classy closet.

kids room storage and organization5

These wall rails from PB Teen offer the best of both worlds: Your social butterfly can keep her photos and keepsakes pinned up, but thanks to the slim design, they won't take over the wall.

kids room storage and organization6

Decorator Jeanne Benner of Morristown, N.J.-based Greenbaum Interiors creates a storage-filled fantasy room for this little girl.

kids room storage and organization7

Designed by award-winning interior and furniture designer Patricia Davis Brown, this beachy bedroom thrives on smart use of space and small surprises.

kids room storage and organization8

High society: A sophisticated loft space.

kids room storage and organization9

Interior designer Patricia Davis Brown has an innovative changing table armoire, which stores powders, creams and wipes. However, it has a secret identity: It's also a chalkboard and play area for the older kids.

kids room storage and organization10

Sometimes smart storage is small storage. In this shared bedroom decorated by L.A.-based interior designer Sarah Barnard, she creates "islands" of storage.

kids room storage and organization11

Slip and hide: Dressing up simple tables.

kids room storage and organization12

All-star storage: Sport-acular closet organization.

kids room storage and organization13

Not-So-Old School: Rockin' the Lockers. One school's trash is a decorator's treasure.

kids room storage and organization14

Maria Kapourelos, senior designer for Closets by Design's southeastern Pennsylvania location, designed shelves that hold this doll devotee's collection, but can also be used as the girl gets older.



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