15 Common Mistakes When Decorating a Home

Comfortable Living Room FurnitureAll DIY things are fun to do, including decorating our own home. Many people and we used to think that decorating a house is easy since we only need to choose wall paint colors, buy sets of furniture, and display some ornaments. Yet sometimes we do not realize that we do mistakes. So, what’s wrong with my home decoration? The following are some mistakes found in a DIY home decoration according to Olive Avianca, an interior designer.

1. Leaving the foyer empty
According to Olive, this one happens because most people do not know what the function of a foyer is. Basically foyer functions as a space to welcome guests and also a transitional space before entering the family room.

2. Letting the cables strewn
Don’t let the cables strewn over a surface because it will make the home look messy. You can tidy them up with cable clip or hide them behind any furniture

3. Unmatching theme
It will be better if you decide the main theme of your room before you buy any furniture. After that you still can combine two themes as long as there is unity between them.

4. Wrong furniture arrangement
Furniture which is arranged in a haphazard way can make the house uncomfortable. People will a difficulty when moving or walking in that room.

5. Keep using stuff that is not liked
Donate any ornaments or decorations in the house that you do not like anymore. Replace it with a new one. Whether you realize it or not, you will feel more comfortable when you are in that room.

6. Too matching
Some people are too afraid to have an experiment of combining colors. All are in a blue color. Doesn’t it feel so monotonous? Dare to play with colors so that you can create a different atmosphere. Mix and match different colors on the walls and furniture.

7. The size of the furniture doesn’t fit the room size
Never use any furniture that is too big for your small room. It will make the room look smaller. In contrast, don’t use all small furniture if you have a large room.

8. Too much or too little lighting
Give adequate lighting for a closed room with little openings. Use curtains in the room with too many openings.

9. Installing wall ornaments haphazardly
Wall ornaments can be used to decorate your house as long as they are installed properly. Adjust the size of the wall ornaments to the wall area. Do not display too small ornaments on a large wall, and vice versa.

10. Placing furniture against the wall
One common mistake when managing the room is placing the furniture against the wall. In fact, this arrangement makes the room less attractive and also monotonous.

11. Ignoring the windows
Some people think that windows only make the room feel hot and let people see the inside part of the house. Actually there are many ways to decorate your windows.

12. Staying with the same colors
It is a good idea to try another bolder colors. The point is, be careful in choosing colors, yet don’t be afraid to use colors which you consider “unusual”.

13. Mistakes in combining colors
There are actually many colors which can be combined beautifully. Look for references to enrich your knowledge about a good color combination.

14. Using no mirror at all
Mirrors offer a lot of advantages for homeowners. They can be used to decorate the room, similar to wall paintings. A big mirror can even make your room look wider.

15. The room is too crowded
Of course you can still use any motif in the furniture, ornaments, floor, or ceiling. Yet, you must be careful in applying it so that your room will not feel too crowded and stressful.

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