15 Important Considerations When Designing a Bedroom

Modern Luxury Bedroom IdeaWhen building or renovating a home, one of the rooms which usually becomes a main concern is a bedroom because it is a private room in which we sleep and take a rest. Many people even like to spend most of their time inside their bedroom. To design a comfortable bedroom which is in accordance to your personality, it would be better to consider these 15 things.

  1. Design style. It will be the basis in developing the ideas in decorating the bedroom, whether it is neoclassical style, modern minimalist, pop-retro or eclectic. Determine your bedroom design style from the beginning.
  2. Theme color. Your favorite color can be a good choice especially for teenagers’ rooms. The selected color does not have to be only one. To enrich the texture, monochromatic or contrasting colors or contrasting color accents can be an alternative.
  3. Lighting. Good natural lighting (sunlight) or special artificial lighting can be considered from the beginning. It is the lighting effects that will give a soul in the interior.
  4. Floor. After determining the concept and atmosphere of the bedroom, it is the time to think about the finishing material. Start it by determining the type of flooring. For a warm atmosphere, bedrooms usually feature a wooden floor (parquet). However, ceramic or granite tiles also provide a wide range of options for style and color.
  5. Wall. For luxurious impression, you can use wallpaper which is rich of colors, patterns and textures. Color theme you have set will affect this.
  6. Furniture finishing. The type of the furniture finish is also related to the theme and atmosphere you want. If you like the look of wood fiber, you can choose melanin spraying technique or wooden patterned HPL. For a more modern and pop impression, the deco paint for wood furniture can be an answer.
  7. Type of activity. Translate the rhythm of your daily life into a form of activity that you will do in this room. Of course, it should be according to the dimensions of the existing space. After that, you can begin to count the needs of furniture.
  8. Size of the furniture. When determining the bedroom furniture to choose, do not rush to pick something just because you like it. Consider the size. Measure your bedroom thoroughly and adjust the proportions of the furniture you need.
  9. Circulation. Don’t forget to take into account the movement and activity space with the furniture in the room.
  10. Outlet and switch positions. Try to keep the electric-powered objects on the same side of the socket. If not possible, design the wiring system neatly and safely out of reach.
  11. Decorative objects. Provide a place on the wall or in the corner of the bedroom for displaying precious ornaments. Complete it with a spot light to expose its presence.
  12. Beautiful wallpaper. Decorative ornaments do not have to be a piece of artwork or a picture in a frame. One area of ​​the wall with beautiful eye-catching wallpaper can be a decorative element in your bedroom.
  13. Openings. A healthy room is a room that has enough openings to allow air circulation and sunlight supply. This should be planned from the beginning of construction of the house.
  14. Nontoxic materials. Use material that is safe and nontoxic, e.g. a water-based wall paint. Besides being more secure, it is also more environmentally friendly than solvent-based products.
  15. Finish in the workshop. If you want to choose furniture finishing materials in spraying technique, make sure that the spraying process is done in a workshop and it is completely dry when installed in your home.

Those are the tips in designing a bedroom safely and environmentally friendly. Make sure that your bedroom is healthy, safe, and beautiful by considering the above tips.

Image credit: home-designing.com 

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