15 Innovative Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

small bathroom remodeling Stuck with your small bathroom and browsing for remodeling bathroom ideas? Well, today we come up to you with easy small bathroom remodel ideas. With a bit of visual magic, color change, and lighting, your tiny bathroom will transform into a cool space.

To make more space in your bathroom, choose compact and space saving furniture. Keep your stuffs in the right place and let your bathroom look wide. You may consider wall-hung toilet and basins since they will left the floor clear and make your bathroom look more spacious.

Mirrors will work best in creating the illusion of wider space in a room. Make sure you involve large mirrors in remodeling your bathroom. Try to place them on opposite walls so that they will reflect light and increase the amount of the light and space. Your small bathroom will need pale colors, cool colors, and white to create more space, especially if there is no window in your bathroom. However, you may choose other colors you like as long as you feel comfortable with it. Well, there are still many remodeling ideas for small bathrooms involving the tile, wall, ceiling, and countertops. The following are fifteen small bathroom remodeling ideas which may help you set your remodeling plan. They are taken fromĀ HGTV‘s expert designers’ portfolio.

white blue small bathroom
The glass mosaic tile feature wall adds movement and draws attention to the high ceilings and skylight. (by Jennifer Jones)
oversized mirror in small bathroom
Oversized fixtures and mirrors can make small rooms look smaller. (by Rebekah Zaveloff)
look up small bathroom remodeling
Make your bathroom seem larger by emphasizing the height of the room. (by Shirry Dolgin)
open shelving small bathroom idea
Open shelving makes the room appear bigger by allowing you to see all the way to the wall. (by Joseph Hittinger)
decluttered countertops small bathroom remodeling
Under-sink storage and towel bars create a clutter-free countertop. (by Peter Sollogub)
wood paneling small bathroom remodeling
Wood paneling and a chair rail add formality to this charming powder room. (by Thomas A. Conway)
pedestal sink small bathroom remodeling
Using a pedestal sink creates the illusion of extra square footage in small bathrooms. (by Lauren Jacobsen)
floating storage bathroom remodeling
A floating vanity takes up less space without compromising style. (by Joseph Pubillones)
small bathroom remodeling
Organize drawers and cabinets to maximize countertop space and minimize clutter.
small bathroom glass illusion
Glass shower enclosures give the illusion of space in a small bathroom by allowing you to see from one end of the room to the other. (by Andreas Charalambous)
warm color small bathroom remodeling
Warm colors make a small bath feel larger. (by Beth Haley)
bold pattern small bathroom
Dark colors or bold patterns, like this graphic lattice wallpaper, add dimension and a bit of fun. (by Jennifer Jones)
gold mirror and crystal wall small bathroom
Designer Shelly Reihl David paired a hand-carved marble sink with a modern metallic damask wall covering, gold gilded mirror and amber crystal wall sconces to create this impactful space.
vivid color small bathroom
Rev up a small space with vivid color. If you don't like it, it's easy and inexpensive to repaint. (by Shelly Riehl David)

black in black small bathroom remodeling
Small bathrooms or powder rooms are a great place to try ultra-dark shades you might be scared to use elsewhere. (by Melissa Miranda)

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