2 Basic Principles in Designing a Home

Stylish White Interior DesignTwo most fundamental things in a home design are air circulation and lighting system. You are free to choose any home design style such as a minimalist home with sophisticated technology or a classic home with detail profile and cravings as long as you are concerned to the air circulation and lighting as well.

Home design with natural air circulation
Regardless of the wide use of air conditioners, we need to pay attention to the natural air circulation in our house. This system can run well if there is good air circulation in a room. To make the air flow smoothly, there should be an inlet and outlet for this in the forms of openings such as doors and windows.

Designing a house with a good natural air circulation can be started by making a sketch. All rooms should have openings to draw the fresh air in. However, there are several rooms that should be considered more:

  • Kitchen. A good air circulation will contribute to the safety and health of the people in the kitchen. It is also to avoid any leak form the gas tube.
  • Bedroom. A natural air circulation for this room is very important to keep the room fresh and healthy. It should be at the edge of the room or next to the open space to.
  • Bathroom.  A good natural air circulation is effective to reduce heat in a bathroom so that it will not feel stuffy and airless.

The next important point which contributes to a fresh and comfortable room is vegetation. The existence of plants around our house will supply much oxygen at the day time. It means that although it is a very hot day, the area around our house will feel cooler compared to another house without any vegetation.

Home design with natural lighting
Natural lighting is also important thing to have a healthy home. With a good natural lighting system, our house will have the following advantages:

  • Psychologically, the room will feel more comfortable because we can see everything clearly in every corner and object in the room. There are many activities requiring adequate lighting such as cooking, reading, taking care of plants, repairing tools, and so on.
  • The humidity of the room can be maintained well. Good lighting will protect the room from excessive humidity and mildew as well.
  • It saves energy since we don’t need to switch on the lamp during the day time.
  • It adds the visual value of a room. Adequate lighting influences the visual quality of an object. Many architects use natural lighting in exploring a room when showing their masterpiece. It can cause a dramatic and soft impression to the room.

The design of the natural air circulation system also influences the natural lighting system because it uses the house openings such as doors and windows as a way in which the sunlight comes through. But since the lighting design is related to the visual aesthetic, there are several parameters should be noted like wall grilles to capture sunlight in a specific intensity.

Those are the principles we should uphold when designing a house; air circulation and lighting. When we have upheld these two principles in home design, we can go on the other design principles including style, structure, materials, and many more.

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