3 Color Concepts for Designing Kids’ Bedrooms Based on Their Characters


Blue White Kids Bedroom DesignKids always need an attractive and cozy place which is suitable to their characters. It’s parents’ job to create a kids’ room interior design that can make them feel comfortable to do their activity. It will provide a positive energy to the kids and make them love their home even more. Here are several fresh ideas to design your own room for kids.

White – Blue, Firm and Feminine
Pair the color scheme of blue and white firmly to provide a certain style in the kids’ room. The pure white can also be paired with dark blue, creating an impression of coldness. White can be applied on the bed sheet, pillow case, or bed cover, while the color blue can be applied on the bed runner.

This is a blend of timeless colors that will never be boring. In the middle of the bed, put some cute pillows with blue colors and some beautiful accessories on the bed valance to add a feminine touch. You can also put soft pink pillow case to make it more feminine.

Girls’ Pink Room
Use bright pink sheets, curtains, and accessories to make a bedroom with shades of pink for girls. Display a cushion with a hello kitty shape, sunflower -shaped accessories (sort of doll that can be wrapped around) on the frame of the double deck bed. Add a pink blanket that is more mature than the sheets so that this combination increase the girly touch on the kids’ bedroom

Bold red for teenagers
Bold red theme can be presented in designs for kids rooms for a more funky impression. Combine the black-white checkerboard floor with bold red wall. It can create a retro impression which is suitable to the characters of children growing up.

The choice of furniture should follow the dominant shades of the room’s base color. You can combine a black white desk, black bed frame, and red desk trinkets. Also add some accessories with different colors, such as photograph, statue, and posters.

Those are three color options of kid room design ideas which are suitable to their characters. You can find or even create your own design ideas for kids’ rooms with different color combination. Good luck.

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