3 Decoration Ideas to Make Your Apartment Interesting

Vintage Apartment DecorationApartment dwellers can have a new horizon in residential living experience in a vertical concept. Those who live in apartments, either owning it or simply renting it, would like to have a comfortable dwelling.

However, not all things can be done while living in an apartment. For example, you may not haphazardly nailed in gypsum partition. It is also relatively more difficult to move the light points. However, it does not mean that your apartment decoration should be boring.

In order to change the apartment decoration more easily, you can apply the apartment decorating styles of the owner. Generally, these methods are temporary. So, you could simply change it if you feel bored or you need to do so. Your apartment decoration is no longer boring.

There are simple ways you can do to decorate your apartment according to your taste.

First, make the room feel bigger with stuff that gives the illusion. Consider first the problems that exist in your apartment. For example, for an apartment with a limited area you could use a glass and put it near a window. Glass or mirrors can reflect light and increase the lighting in the house. Meanwhile, an apartment with a low ceiling could use a light highlighted up to provide a higher ceiling effect. You can also use curtains and put it right on the border of the ceiling and walls to make the room feel larger. In addition, using bookshelves covering the walls is also an interesting idea. This vertical storage is able to increase your storage space.

Second, change the shades on the apartment by changing the color of the walls. It does not mean that you have to cover the walls with new paint. Take advantage of wallpaper that can be dismantled and reassembled easily, wall decals or stickers to decorate the walls, and put the photographs or paintings on the walls. Avoid nailing the wall carelessly.

Third, put a lot of color into your apartment. Use area rugs, colorful furnishings, and many throw pillows. This method is effective not only to brighten up the room, but also to make the apartment no longer boring.

Well, now you must be ready to welcome your attractive apartment decoration.

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