3 Essential Elements in Creating a Comfortable and Functional Kitchen Design

Wide Bright Kitchen with White Cabinets and Wooden FurnitureIn this modern time, a kitchen should have multiple functions at once. In addition to a place to prepare foods, the kitchen also serves as a dining room, gathering place, and even an office.

You may need to remodel a kitchen through the elements of lighting, appliances, cabinets and even the tile. Updating the kitchen is also useful to simplify and accommodate your family’s daily routine.

There are three basic elements that make a better kitchen design, i.e. idea, layout, and style. Here are tips to adjust the kitchen with these elements.

1. Collect ideas for kitchen remodel
The first element in a kitchen design is the process of exploring the possibilities and finding a lot of options needed to remodel the kitchen. At this stage, open your eyes to get ideas. You can find references in magazines, showrooms, and even your neighbors’ houses.

You can also search any kitchen design ideas based on your lifestyle and needs. And, do not forget to consider several areas such as places for storage, hobbies, work, computers, bins, fire extinguisher, entertainment devices, phones, sinks, as well as natural lighting.

The key is to dream a little and indulge your imagination. Arrange the idea list along with the photos, pictures, and sample of all the features and functions desired for your dream kitchen.

2. Consider the layout of the existing kitchen
The second aspect to consider when you design a kitchen design is the layout. Lots of kitchen design guidance focuses on this element. This guide is very useful when you are planning the work area and the equipment location.

Consider some of the existing kitchen furniture such as refrigerators, kitchen sink, and stove. This is the kitchen triangle, the key of the kitchen that works well. Also consider the use of microwave that will make the cooking easier so that you can move more freely in the kitchen.

3. Choose a kitchen style that fits your lifestyle
The final element when you design your own kitchen design is aesthetic. Choosing the right color, paint, and texture is very important to create a comfortable and inviting space. In addition, an aesthetic consideration will also maintain the value of home sales remains high when you decide to sell the house someday.

In addition to the three important elements above, you should also need to consider some conditions, including:

Kitchen design budget
Even a very simple kitchen remodeling project will cost quite a lot. More generally, kitchen remodeling can be costly.
If the project is not well planned, a lot of money can be wasted. Consider all the elements and work with limitations. Technical issues such as installation of plumbing, electrical wiring, and other elements are necessary to be calculated so that it achieves a complex balance.
If necessary, work with a professional kitchen designer to handle the day-to- day problems in your kitchen. Professionals know how to design a kitchen and will provide creative solutions for your kitchen. They are able to analyze and consider the many aspects of your home, starting from the possibility of enlarging the house, taking up an area of storage cabinets, eliminating hallways, reorganizing closets and equipment, or others. Remember, professionals know how to generate a solution and how to achieve it.

Kitchen size
One of the kitchen remodeling trends that develops over the years is to enlarge the size. Unfortunately, when there is no possibility for adding kitchen space, you have to find another aspect for remodeling the kitchen, e.g. removing a few walls or equipment.
Consider having a functional kitchen which keeps up to date. Contemporary kitchens are designed as a small but rich function space. To be more concrete, you can use the room pattern picture to calculate the change of the kitchen.
There will appear less functional sections which can be merged with the kitchen, such as the living room or family room. Alternatively, you can use the kitchen terrace or kitchen entrance and backyard for the kitchen expansion. If necessary, move the hall to expand the kitchen.

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