3 Foyer Style Designs to Beautify Your Interior

Modern Foyer DesignAs an area to welcome guests, the foyer is usually located in the front room, right after the main entrance. This space can be a transition area from the terrace to the living room, or can be its own special space.

If your home is small, you can make a foyer simply by placing a credenza that features a variety of interior accessories. However, if the available space is big enough, you can create a special space to put one or two simple shaped chairs for welcoming your guests.

As a space which represents the personality of its owner, beautify your foyer with a touch of interesting designs that reflect your personality. The following three styles of foyer can become an interesting alternative in designing your foyer.

The combination of ethnic and modern styles creates an eclectic design style. The use of wooden furniture and other elements make the foyer feels warm. In addition to the console, credenza can also be a key element in managing the foyer space. For a ancient classic effect, you can provide a touch of silver elements.

Contemporary modern
A contemporary modern style is always chosen by many homeowners. Clean and firm design lines become the characteristic of this style. To balance the dark color of the furniture, add some bold and contrast colors so that the foyer looks more alive. For example, you can use a reddish orange color as a secondary accent on abstract painting, flowers, up to wall clocks. The touch of these colors avoids your foyer from the cold and monotonous impression.

Elegant classic
Classic style is one design which is fairly favored throughout the ages. Its luxurious and sophisticated impression invites people to linger in this room for. A mirror can be installed on an empty wall above a console table. If the foyer is quite spacious, you can also add some other furniture, like a chair or round table placed in the middle of the room.

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