3 Green Architecture Tips for Your House

Eco Friendly Interior DesignGreen architecture is an architecture that minimizes the use of natural resources, including water, energy, materials, and minimize the negative impact to the environment. In other words, this architecture concept does not only focus on the sustainability of the environmental aspect, but also the energy, economic, social, and cultural aspect.

Sustainable green architecture includes landscaping, interiors, and architecture in one unity. Suppose you pick an area of 100m2, then ideally you use the 60m2 for your house building and 40m2 for the green area. Making a rooftop garden and green wall green comes a very creative and innovative idea. This is certainly in line with the main goal of green architecture that wants to create eco-design, a natural and environmentally friendly architecture, and can be sustainable development.

Green home tips
The first thing you can do to create a green home is to bring the rooms outdoor. For instance, make the living room become one with the front porch. Or, bring your dining room to the backyard garden. You can also create a bathroom with a semi-open concept, e.g. the absence of barrier between bathroom and garden. Physically and visually, your living room, dining room, and a bathroom  will blend with the external environment, making them more efficient in materials, energy saving, practical, but still in good quality.

Green architecture is also synonymous with simple furniture decoration, good sanitation and clean. The next tips is to use transparent walls with glass material, glass block, or filigree to present a simple and open impression.

Furthermore, optimize void for natural circulation of air and light in order to make your house energy efficient. Design the void such a way that you will be free from dependence using lights and fans or air conditioning in the morning until late afternoon. You can bring a void in the form of a dry garden which also serves as a recharge wells. Choose too large windows for smooth air circulation and good lighting.

If every house can be built with the concept of green house, this would help reduce the electricity and fuel crisis, and improve environment quality.

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