3 Guides to Design a Playroom for Your Children

Bright Kids Playroom DesignPlaying is an important thing children always and should do. Through playing the children will discover new things that will be a useful for them to grow on. So, how to design a playroom for the kids? What should be considered?

Here are several tips in designing kids’ playroom:

1. A playroom should have adequate space
Children playroom does not have to be that large, but try to have the space for them to practice their motor skills. That is, there is enough place to train the muscles of their legs by walking or running. This is especially useful when the weather outside is not friendly, like a heavy rain or overpowering heat from the sun.

Therefore, you must provide such storage shelves on either side of the wall, so that your children’s toys are not scattered, and they are free to roam the entire space.

2. A playroom should be safe
Children can not distinguish which surfaces are not harmful and dangerous for them. Children also do not understand that the edges of the sharp rectangular table and floor tiles or hardwood can be dangerous for them.

You should avoid sharp corners or hard surfaces. If you want to put a small table in the children’s play room, choose a table that does not have sharp corners, such as a circle or oval shaped table.

If you cannot find such a table, then make protective pads on the corners of the table. Benches in the play area should also be made ​​from fabric. And for the floor, it would not hurt you to install a carpet permanently, so it will not make your child stumbles on the peeling carpet.

3. A playroom should have a cheerful atmosphere
Children’s sense of sight  still in need of stimulation. The selection of furniture and bright wall paint colors will stimulate their sense of sight.

Choose bright colors and pay attention to the composition. Select colors for the furniture or wall appropriately so that the bright colors will not seem excessive which will create a headache instead.

Additionally, cheerful shades also come from the selection of the right lighting. Whether it’s from the lights and natural lighting from the sun outside. But do not overdo it since too bright lights can also result in a hot room.

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