3 Ideas to Make the Empty Corners in Your Home More Attractive and Functional

Simple Home Office at the Corner of the RoomEveryone wants to have a home that is not only comfortable, but also beautiful. This makes some people decorate their homes with a variety of unique and interesting decorations. Unfortunately, too many goods and furniture in the house would make the room seem cramped and cluttered. Instead of providing comfort and beauty, even messy rooms provide the discomfort and damage the aesthetic value of the rooms.

On the other hand, due to the confusion on what to do with the room, many corners are left unused and become a place for dust instead. If you have a small house and you want to make it look attractive, the following tips may be very useful for you. Some tips to use the empty corners of your home.

1. Family library
For those of you who have a collection of books and love to read, an empty corner in your house can be changed into an interesting library.

You just need to put a bookshelf that fits the size of the empty corner with a maximum width and height, and put your collection on the shelf. The family library would need a good lighting system. Thus, it is suitable when the corner is located near a window. If not, make sure you have a light source that can accommodate the need for a comfortable reading room.

2. Mini indoor garden 
If you have an empty corner that has a window so that it gets adequate natural light, you can transform this corner to an interesting small indoor garden.

Some house plants that are suitable to be placed inside your house are bromeliads, sensiviera, and cactus. You can put them in pots, or if you are a creative person, you can make a terrarium.

If it does not allow any openings for pots, make sure you create a void at the top of the plant. It is important that the plant is not damp and rot.

Maintaining a garden inside the house will certainly take your energy and time. You should give fertilizer and water the plants regularly so that they can grow healthily. If the plants are not treated properly, it is not impossible to lose the aesthetic you want to show in that space.

3. Work space
Another idea that you can apply on the corner of any empty corner in the house is by using it as an adequate working space. You can put a desk with an L shape that follows the two sides of the corner.

You also can add a bookshelf there. And it would be better if the corner of the room has a window which allows the air to circulate smoothly and provides you a good view of the outdoor life. This can reduce boredom at work.

There are many other ideas concepts that you can apply for an unused corner space. Be creative and make use of the corner space brilliantly.

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