3 Important Things for Bathroom Interior Design

Retro Black White Bathroom IdeaBathroom is a good place to start a good day. This expression is not an exaggeration, considering that the bathroom is the area you first visit soon after you get up in the morning.

Its function is very essential in everyday life. Over time, the bathroom function also extends. It’s not only a service area, but also a place of relaxation that is supported by a variety of tools, ranging from bath tub, a sauna, water massage, and much more.

As a relaxation area, the bathroom should be able to stimulate the sense of touch, smell through aromatherapy or scented soaps, hearing through calming music, and sight. The visual effects in the bathroom need to be considered carefully to stimulate the sense of sight. A bathroom should not only have a beautiful aesthetic, but also give the right atmosphere.

There are three things that affect the interior design in the bathroom area, namely color, texture, and lighting design.

  1. Color works for presenting the theme you desire according to the concept of the bathroom, whether it is a children bathroom, master bathroom, guest bathroom and so on. For instance, for the children’s bathroom you can use bright colors such as yellow, red, or blue. While ¬†for the master bathroom you can use romantic colors.
  2. Texture. To make the bathroom interior not look monotonous and plain, you can add accents through the combination of floor tiles’ color and texture. For instance, if you want to make the bathroom look clean using the color white, the you can add brown as the color accent on the wall. If you want something more unique, you can coat one part of the wall with metal which has a distinctive texture. Ceramics with wood textures is also a great choice to give a warm impression.
  3. Lighting is also necessary to create an atmosphere in terms of both color and lighting techniques.

In this way, you can make your bathroom look great in a variety of style, depending on your tastes and needs.

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