3 Reasons Why People Design a Garden on Their Own

Modern Garden Design IdeaThe personality characters of homeowner can be seen from the garden design, especially the one which is design on their own. Well, making a garden without a help of architects is widely done by homeowners due to some reasons including the limited budget, limited space, and certain satisfaction.

Limited budget
Just like homes which needs the service from architects, gardens also require landscape architects. There would be additional budget for this which is about 10-15% from the total budget for the garden. Some landscape architects still accept a garden project with small budget as long as there are affordable plants and stones.

However, the available budget often makes homeowners decide to cut off the costs for architects and choose to design the garden by themselves. They must have enough time and adequate skills to finish every detail of the garden as the consequence of taking the architects’ job.

Garden’s size
“My garden is not that wide. It’s small. So, why should I need an architect?” Some people use this statement to avoid the help of architects to design their garden.

Actually, a small sized garden can be optimized for function and aesthetics. In terms of function, the garden at the front of the house can become a source of fresh air to circulate air in the house and as a  sun-shading. In terms of aesthetics, a garden certainly adds a beauty to the look of your home. A garden can be an inspiration to make your family relationships at home more intimate and to greet guests who visit your home.

Can a small garden do it all? By thinking about the direction of sunlight, wind, and the location of the window, you can specify the exact location of the trees or plants. You can make your small garden so inspiring simply by exploring your creativity to turn your garden into a fun, comfortable, and interesting garden design.

Experiments, hobbies, and tastes. These three things represent something called satisfaction. To meet their desired garden design, homeowners usually design the garden on their own. There are people who are curious to experiment, because there are many things that can be done in the park such as the composition of elements, colors, shapes, heights and leveling, textures, lighting, sound (e.g. from the water feature), and so on. If you like to do experiments, you will not be afraid of making mistakes. What you need to think is whether you have extra budget to fix it then. Similarly, people who like plants and have a good taste on it usually have different ideas with garden designers. Or sometimes, although they have expressed their wish to the designers, the result is not satisfactory.

Making your own garden can be either satisfying or not. If you doubt with your decision to make a garden on your own, imagine and plan thoroughly how your garden will look like before you start making it.

Image credit: gardenbuilders.co.uk 

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