3 Simple Touches to Beautify Your Terrace

Cool Modern Minimalist Terrace Design

Terrace can serve a lot of functions. Let’s say, you can enjoy your tea time at the terrace while reading a magazine. You can even use the terrace to receive guests, so that if you have a small house, a terrace will be very useful to function as a living room at the same time. Furthermore, if you have a beautifully designed terrace, it will increase the aesthetic value of your house.

With its various function, a terrace should have supporting furniture. The following are three considerations you should take into account to create a comfortable terrace:

Choose simple furniture
It is suggested that you do not put too much furniture for the terrace. The amount of the furniture should be adjusted to the space size. It would be ideal to simply provide two chairs and one table in a small size as putting too much furniture will make the terrace look narrow and crowded. Use the chairs as seating and the table to put water or other treats to your guests.

Select furniture that is weather resistant
Because the terrace is directly adjacent to the outside of the house or garden, despite having shade on it, the terrace furniture will be exposed to direct sunlight or rain water. This situation can gradually damage the furniture, especially if the chair or table is made ​​of wood that is not resistant to weather changes.

Put some accessories
Although tiny, you still can beautify your terrace with simple things. For example, you can put a tablecloth, a beautiful flower pots with flowers in it, or multicolored candies in a jar on the table. On the seat, you can add cushions with attractive colors.

The functions of a terrace should not be neglected indeed. By decorating it appropriately, a terrace will not only serve as a connector but also as the main space to receive guests.

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