3 Simple Ways to Create a Healthy Bathroom

Healthy Small Bathroom DesignHumidity in a bathroom often becomes a common problem of many homeowners. The humid air can cause moss and mildew which finally causes disease. Then, how to deal with this? Well, today we share three useful tips to make your bathroom healthy.

  1. It would be much better if the sunlight is able to enter the bathroom. This natural light is very important to prevent the bathroom from humidity, so that the bacteria, germs, and others, cannot breed there. To make the sunlight enter the bathroom, you can use a skylight inside it.
  2. Consider the air circulation in the bathroom. The air circulation does have a very important role for the health of the bathroom or other room. In the bathroom, you can make some openings in the walls of the bathroom. It is the path of the air exchange. If you find that the air circulation doesn’t work well, you can add an exhaust fan to remove the air inside the bathroom to be replaced with the fresh air from outside.
  3. Maintain the cleanliness of the bathroom. Bathroom is a wet and humid place. The humidity can encourage the growth of bacterial diseases that cause health problems. In addition, the smell of urine and the ceramic crust will interfere with the bathroom’s cleanliness and aesthetics. So, you should have a regular schedule for cleaning the bathroom, which is at least twice a week.

The bathroom is a space in the house we use every day. So, making the bathroom a clean and healthy place is a must for us.

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