3 Things You Should Know to Create a Comfortable Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design IdeaDue to its important role in a house, a kitchen should always be clean. We should clean it regularly because the hygiene of the food served is also determined by the cleanliness of the kitchen itself.  For those of you who want to build a kitchen, or who want to renovate it, there are things to consider including air circulation, lighting, and layout.

Air circulation
With a good air circulation system, the air in the kitchen will always be replaced with better and fresher air. For example, when you have finished cooking, the smoke is usually still there in the kitchen. If there is no way for the air circulation, such as windows or other openings, then the smoke will settle in the kitchen area including the kitchen set and walls. If it happens, the kitchen will get humid and become a home for mildew and moss. As a result, your kitchen is no longer a healthy kitchen and all the kitchen furniture may not last long.

The solution is to make good air circulation paths, such as windows, vents and others. If there is a window, then the dirty air will be immediately replaced with the fresher one. For those of you who are designing a kitchen, this thing should be considered. Then, what if there is already no window or other openings in the kitchen? For this case you can add a cooker hood to your kitchen set. There are several kinds of cooker hoods, one which filters dirty air without replacing it with the clean one and one which filters dirty air as well as replace it with new fresh air. In addition to cooker hood, you can also install exhaust fans, which will help remove the smoke from the kitchen out of the room, to be replaced by a fresh outside air.

It is good to provide warm natural lights for the kitchen during the morning since the morning sunshine can dry the humid area in the kitchen. The role of lighting is not only to create a healthy kitchen, but also to add an aesthetic value to the kitchen. In order to make the kitchen look beautiful, you can install small downlights on the kitchen furniture such as the kitchen set. Those lights will provide lights which make the kitchen interior look shinny and beautiful.

For the kitchen layout, it would be much better if you have decided it since the beginning of the home construction, whether it is near the family room, living room, dining room, or others.
If you plan to make a kitchen set or other furniture in the kitchen area, it is better to first measure the size of ​​the room, so the kitchen set will properly suit the kitchen area. It is also suggested that you don’t put too many items or furniture in the kitchen because it only makes the kitchen look stuffy and cramped.

Those are some tips to design a comfortable and healthy kitchen. Make the most of your living space by paying attention to every room within the house.

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