3 Useful Tips for a Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist White Bathroom with Dark Floor and Frosted Glass DividerImage credit: topicsusa.com

Most people, including you, may believe in these words; the cleanliness of the house is illustrated by the cleanliness of the bathroom. If the bathroom that serves as a place to cleanse the body is not clean, what do you think?

Thus if the bathroom in your home is not well maintained, people may think that another part of the house as a whole is also not well maintained. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom is important.

Cozy Small Apartment with Minimalist Bathroom DesignImage credit: nallau.com

Having a spacious bathroom must be nice. Unfortunately, not everyone has a spacious bathroom because of the limited space. As a solution, you can apply a minimalist bathroom design for your bathroom. Minimalism does not mean uncomfortable. You can have a comfortable minimalist bathroom with the following tips:

1. Spacious Impression in the Bathroom
You do not have to worry about your bathroom which is not too wide. You can present a spacious impression in your minimalist bathroom with a combination of dark colors and bright colors. Use also a large mirror in your bathroom since it can reflect light which gives a more spacious impression. Bright bathroom lighting will also make your small bathroom look way larger.

2. Bathroom Floor Tiles
You can choose floor tile color which is either the same or in contrast with the wall color. As mentioned previously, to give the impression of a spacious room, you can combine dark and bright colors. If you have selected a dark color for the wall, then use a bright color for the bathroom floor tiles to make it balanced.

Space Saving Minimalist Bathroom in Black and WhiteImage credit: housearquitectura.com

When the floor tiles are going to be installed, you need to ensure the distribution of grout lines. Make sure the rest of the tiles at each corner of the bathroom is symmetrical. If it turns out that the grout line of the floor tiles and wall is different, you can outsmart it by applying floor tiles diagonally. This will add minimalist and elegant impression to your bathroom.

3. Glass Divider
The existence of divider in the minimalist bathroom will certainly narrow your bathroom. You can replace the old divider with glass divider. If you feel that the glass divider does not maintain your privacy, you can use a folding curtain on the divider when you’re using the bathroom. When you have finished, you can open the curtain, and ┬áthe bathroom will remain look spacious.

White Minimalist Bathroom Design with Wooden Floor and Small BathubImage credit: globalfriends.net 

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