4 Advatages of Wood Flooring You Should Know

Stunning Home Interior with Wooden FloorThere are various kinds of floor covering materials for  home available in the market, from natural to artificial floor coverings. Wood floor is now widely chosen by homeowner to create a warm and exotic impression in their modern or minimalist home.

Parquet  is derived from the word parquetry which means the art of installing or setting thin slats of wood with a geometric pattern on a piece of the floor. This floor is chosen because it has many advantages. The following are  advantages of wood flooring compared to other types of floors:

  1. Easy to install, strong and flexible. Wood flooring or parquet flooring is easy to install and to clean. Besides, wood flooring materials tend to be strong and flexible. For strong wood material, you can choose wood from tropical forests, such as teak, marine resin, and iron wood.
  2. A lot of color options. If you love to play with colors, wood floors are also available in many color options that can be customized with interior decoration. There are also various wood patterns which can make your home interior look way more beautiful and attractive.
  3. Select the appropriate type of wood floor. If you are looking for parquet in the market, many of them are made from solid wood and real wood.  However, along with advances in the industry today, many parquets are made ​​of various materials, such as solid parquet. Although more expensive, solid parquet tends to be strong, durable, and able to show the real beauty of wood. In addition, there is also engineered hardwood floors which are made of real wood. It is in the form of a piece of wood overlaid with other pieces of wood, usually arranged transversely between the layers, with the aim to make the floor have a high stability. This type of floor costs lower compared to quality solid wood flooring.
  4. Making a room warm. Another advantage of wood flooring is that it can make a room warm despite the winter or rainy season. It is due to the nature of wood which is able to store heat during the day which would then be used to warm the air at night.

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