4 Basic Principles for a Home with Good Feng Shui

Warm Natural Interior Design with Wooden FlooringConsidering rearranging the home according to Feng Shui is a good step. Basically, understanding Feng Shui is not difficult. The essence of Feng Shui is good and bad energy, as the literal meaning of Feng Shui is fire and water (symbol of good energy). Therefore, Feng Shui room layout is expected to bring good energy and keep the bad energy away.

A good Feng Shui can bring good luck, health, and happiness for the owner and occupants of the house. Here are basic principles for a good home with good Feng Shui:

  • Good air circulation is key to a healthy home. Good energy can be transmitted by clean and fresh air. The use of adequate and large ventilation is an important thing in designing good Feng Shui. Note also the layout of these vents. For the bathroom, for example, do not install ventilation facing inward, because it will deliver the dirty air and odors into the house.
  • One of the basic tips for home with good Feng Shui is designing it in such a way to get adequate lighting. Adequate lighting is believed to increase the happiness and joy in the household. This has been proven scientifically as well. Keep in mind, adequate lighting is not the same as installing a lot of lights. The warm glow of the sun is the one that is more needed.
  • Good interior layout will not make a house feel narrow or oppressed. Avoid using too much furniture. A room that looks narrow will make the occupants feel uncomfortable and bored. A simple and airy room will make you feel comfortable.
  • Fill your house with nice colors. A nice color is not a striking color, because this color will only make you feel dizzy. Pastel colors like pink, peach, beige and light blue can improve good energy in the house. Also avoid using melancholic┬ácolors like gray, because it will affect the energy in the house in a negative way.

The basic principles of good home Feng Shui are actually based on the principles of a healthy home. Feng Shui is not about magic things that are difficult to understand. It is closely related to science. A room layout with good Feng Shui is able to make the occupants healthy and happy. It is mainly due to good lighting and air circulation system. A good ornament/furniture arrangement and design will also make the occupants feel comfortable.

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