4 Basic Principles in Home Interior Design

Cool Modern Green White Bedroom DesignThe role of basic principles or rules of interior design is very important to create an amazing interior design. If you master or know the basic principles of interior design, you can change the layout of your home into a space that is comfortable and attractive.

Basically there are four principles of interior design that needs to be applied. These four basic principles of interior design are balance, harmony, focal point, and proportion and scale.

1. Balance
Balance in interior design can create a sense of equality. It is closely related to an attempt to equate objects or at least make them look almost the same. The balance is not only derived from the shape, but also the color, texture, and pattern. The balance of interior design itself is divided into three types: symmetrical / formal, asymmetrical / informal, and radial balance. Symmetrical or formal balance is usually applied to traditional interior design. One side reflects the opposite side.

2. Harmony
Harmony is created when all the elements in the house act together to create a message. Harmony in the house can create comfort and joy. For example, you can make your living room look harmonious by placing various elements with only one type of color. Focus on the same color among elements  regardless of shape, size, pattern, or texture.

3. Focal point
A room will seem boring and monotonous if all elements inside it look the same. All you need is to change the monotonous look of the room by giving accents which can be an attraction. Some examples of point of attraction in a room are a fireplace with a unique design and a window with a beautiful treatment. You can also create the accent / focal point itself by placing furniture and room decor  that could make the focal point.

4. Proportion and scale
Both terms, proportion and scale, are often misunderstood. Proportion is the ratio or relationships of one part to the whole, or one piece to another piece. Meanwhile, scale is the size of the object. When designing, you must always consider scale and proportion in relation to the size of the space being decorated, the furniture pieces to be used, and the size of each piece to one another. Likewise, the arrangement of home interior elements must be placed in such a way to make it look beautiful and attractive at.

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