4 Wall Paint Colors to Warm Your Rooms

Warm Living Room Design with Large WindowToday we are going to discuss some colors which belong to soothing, warm, and not too bold colors. These colors are easy to apply in a room, because they are quite neutral. Besides, they can also be paired with bold colors. Well, the colors we are going to discuss now include mole, Purbeck stone, Stiffkey blue, and apple green. Some of these colors may be unfamiliar to you. But when applied in a room, they will look very beautiful.

1 . Mole
The color mole is a mixture of gray and brown, which belong to neutral colors. This color gives the impression of a warm and luxurious look. This color looks more beautiful when combined with red, blue or green. In addition, you can mix it with neutral colors such as warm gray and white.

The color mole is indeed a dark color. If you want to use this color, make sure your room have enough light, so that your room does not seem dark and gloomy. This color is properly used in the minimalist style. But if you want a warmer atmosphere, simply mix it with wood interior.

2 . Purbeck stone
Purbeck stone color is a mixture of gray, beige, and white. It is perfect for those who love bright and neutral colors, giving a warm atmosphere in the house.

Purbeck stone color is a little more vibrant than white. The color is also more fresh, modern, light and reassuring. It is suitable when applied to a bedroom, office room, or the room where you want to relax at home.

3 . Stiffkey blue
This color comes from a mud color in Stiffkey, north coast of England. Stiffkey blue color is a mixture of blue, gray, and green. It will look fresh when paired with white. When you want a dramatic impression on the room, the color blue Stiffkey is perfect paired with red, gold or green.

4 . Apple green
Apple green color is the color of passion, reflecting cleanliness and comfort. It is quite versatile that you can apply for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or family room.

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