4 Common Mistakes When Choosing Home Paint Colors

Modern Green Living Room Design IdeaBlending colors for home wall paint is actually not a difficult thing. However, did you know there are some common mistakes people do in choosing paint colors? Here are four common mistakes made in choosing paint for the house.

1. Adjusting it to the favorite colors
If you want to incorporate your favorite color into a room, you should choose similar colors which seem softer. For example, if you like green, choose lighter and softer green then.

2. Selecting a safe color such as beige and white.
You might think that choosing neutral colors like white and beige is the right solution. But why not try to experiment mixing and matching it with other colors? Pick three or four kinds of color that you like, and observe any change you find.

3 . Choosing colors that are too bright
Vivid and too bright colors will make your interior feel like disappearing. Instead, choose colors that make your interior able to blend with the room.

4 . Choosing colors that do not match with the type of room
Warm colors tend to make us feel better. The red color is perfect when applied in the dining room. Cool colors such as blue and green are believed to make people feel at ease. This color is great to be applied in bedrooms and living rooms.

However, do not apply a color that doesn’t match with your room. You might want to know that the color yellow for the bedroom will make you feel anxious. Consider carefully the type of room and what color you want to apply to avoid mistakes. Because, in principle, each color has its own character and will greatly affect our mood. Thus, the selection of colors must to be adjusted to the type of room and the type of activities conducted therein .

Happy a fun interior decoration then.

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