4 Considerations to Choose the Ideal House Location

Modern Unique Home DesignWhen planning to buy a house, you must also think about the location. In addition to investment factors such as the land prices, the most important factor in selecting a site for the residence is your pattern of activity and your needs.

If you are going to buy land to build a home, consider the needs of each family member to get a location to support all of their activities. Some of the family members’ activities should be taken into consideration when choosing the home location are: 

1 . Work
Where do you and other family members work? Do you need a home that is close to the work site? How far and how long it will take to reach your workplace every day?

2 . School
Are there family members who go to school? Where is the location of the school? Are there other school support activities such as extra curricular activities or courses? Where are the locations of the school and extra curricular activities? How close you want to stay out of the points of these activities?

3 . Mobilization
How high is your level of mobility? Do you use your own vehicle or public transportation? Can the location you choose support your mobility? If you use your own vehicle, how is the traffic situation in the hours of work? If you use public transport, is there a common choice of vehicles that can be used? Consider choosing a house close to the bus station, train station, or airport. 

4 . Socialization and recreation
What are the needs of socialization and recreation of you and your family? Do you need to be in a neighborhood with lots of kids? Do you need an environment that supports the socialization? Do you need to be close to the sports facilities, shopping centers or open space? If you and your family have a close relationship with relatives, consider the distance of the location of your home with relatives nearby.

An ideal home location must be able to accommodate all the activities of family members, or at least it is in an area accessible from all points of the activity of each member of your family.

To facilitate the initial search, you can go to the city planning office to see the map designation and projected residential area in your city for the next 10 years. In addition to looking at the map, you also should go to the areas you want. Go and check the general facilities (hospitals, places of worship, markets/shopping centers). Pay attention to the people in the neighborhood because every region has certainly its own unique pattern of socialization.

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