4 Creative Ideas to Decorate the Staircases in Your Home

Staircase Wall Decoration with PhotographsImage credit: pinimg.com

Want to create a new twist on a corner of the house? Well, the stairwell which is often left plain can actually be made into an attractive space. There are 4 ideas that can be applied and can be done to decorate the staircase in your house:

Try to go around this by adding adhesive double-sided tape instead of regular glue. Trim the wallpaper with a little smoother tool so that no bubbles are visible and it gets neater. To make it look more solid you can spray Krylon Crystal Clear which can be obtained in markets.

Red Staircase Decoration with Wide WordsImage credit: tapja.com

Words on stair boards
Want to write an inspiring sentence, message, or wish on the stairs? Well, the stair boards can be a good space to do it.  Choose boards with basic colors such as black or red which can be written with colorful chalks. When you get bored, you can simply erase the writing on the boards and write other messages. Instead of using an eraser, you can use a damp cloth to clean the boards to minimize the chalk dust that stuck to the stairs.

Colorful Staircase Design IdeaImage credit: bfarhardesign.wordpress.com

In order to make a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere and the one which represents your personality, choose your favorite colors and then apply them on the stairs. To make it beautiful, try arranging them in such a way so that the stairs look eye catching. Just give different color for each step on the stairs so that you will have colorful staircase design. In terms of the color order, it is completely depending on your taste.

Cool Flying Glass Staircase DesignImage credit: pastelpatterns.com

It turns out that mini glasses can be applied to the stairs to get the unique style, providing an attractive glass staircase design. Caution is necessary because this unusual material for stairs is more complicated, yet offers a different look. As a result, attractive stair design with pieces of glasses could be your choice.

These creative ideas can be applied on some types of stairs including the ordinary staircase, flying staircase, or spiral staircase. Be creative in your own home and be ready to start the stair decoration. 

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