4 Favorite Colors for Your Home Decor

Gray Living Room IdeaApple green, light blue, dark gray, and light gray can be attractive options for decorating your home, especially when you are confused in choosing colors. The fourth color is pretty cool, interesting, and not look stiff.

In addition to providing tranquility, the colors of these complexes also can easily stand alone in a room. However, they can work well as a neutral color or can be paired with other colors with bold accents.

Apple green
Apple green is the color which is full passion, and represents a clean and comfortable space. The presence of this color is not disturbing the eyes because they are so versatile and convenient to use in a variety of spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

This color is also a good choice for you who are planning to make an open space concept. With this concept, people usually just want to use one unifying color that is not so firm but able to attract attention of all rooms in the house.

The apple color certainly creates freshness and presents a clean atmosphere when paired with light wood accents and white colors. For the kitchen, this combination is very interesting, especially when the room is filled with lots of natural light from the windows.

Or, you can use it as a firm background color accent, like a reddish orange. Due to the quality of the color which is so quiet, apple green will not conflict or compete with decorative elements that have a stronger color.

Light blue
This blue has a slight hint of green and a little gray. The shade also looks refreshing when paired with white. In contrast, for dramatic effect, you can pair this color with red, gold, or green accents.

Actually, light blue can look beautiful if used as a small accent, which is a transition between the dark blue color and lighter shades like white color. For a dramatic look, you can match the colors with dark wood and red color.

For those of you who have a room with a minimalist design that has only a few decorative elements, this color is perfect to use.

Dark gray
Dark gray is a favorite color, especially for people who have a house with shades of white or beige, but want their home bright and neutral with a touch of warmth.

The presence of this color in the living room is a little more vibrant than shades of white. It feels fresh and modern, but still mild and soothing.

Dark gray is also a great background color to be paired with another more firm color. The presence of this color will not compete for attention with one of the other elements of the bold colors in your room.

Light gray
Many people admitted to not get bored with this color at home. It is because this is one of the neutral colors that will work with a variety of other colors to beautify your home.

This color has a little brown shades that give warmth. You can apply it to make a neutral palette and pair it with other shades of warm gray and white colors.

However, light gray is classified as quite deep colors. As a result, if you use it in large amount, make sure you consider the quantity and quality of light in the room so that the room does not feel gloomy and dark like in a cave.

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