4 Important Elements in Designing an Indoor Garden

Indoor Home Garden Idea

Building an indoor garden design in your house is not something difficult. You just need to adjust it to your whole home interior design and your taste definitely.

How to make an indoor garden? Here are four important elements to consider when you want to build a home indoor garden.

1. Light
Gardens need sunlight for photosynthesis. If there is no sufficient light available, the plants will be difficult to process nutrients so that they can experience a fertilizer shortage. The characteristics of the plants that lack of light are the yellowing of leaves and the one with an elongated shape (etiolation) so that the plants become weak and easily broken.

To get around the light in the room, use special lights that replace the sun. For instance, a 70 watt light bulb can light up a room of 4 meters square. Nevertheless, it would be safer if you choose plants that do not require too much light like the kind of Dracena, Phylodendron, Aglaonema and moss. For the indoor garden’s grass you can use the Selaginella.

2 . Drainage system
The drainage system must be made at the beginning of the process to get rid of excess water in the planting medium. You can do it using a pipe with a hole which is then channeled into exile.

3 . Water
For indoor plants, the watering should be done less than outdoor because they require less water. For instance, you can water the garden once a day.

4 . Nutrition & growing media
Planting media used should have high porosity so that water does not stagnate and fertilizers are not washed away because of watering. For example you can use zeolite , red lava rock, and coco peat. Avoid using easy flooding planting media that can cause the presence worms or other animals.

Tropical garden design alternatives
Choose several types of plants that are resistant to shades but have bright natural colors such as Bromelia, Phylodendron, Homalomena, Calatrea, etc. This garden is durable and very easy to maintain. You can also give access to the sound of the water by adding waterwall. As a variation, use some kinds of ornamental corals which are arranged beautifully.

Fern forest
You can bring the jungle themed garden using various types of ferns. The sound of water gurgling can be presented through a small pond made ​​from natural stones, so it seems there is a natural spring in the garden. Remember, this garden requires adequate lighting for it involves large plants.

Cactus garden
Cactus has a variety of shapes and sizes. With these advantages, the cactus can be arranged in a certain way so that they can resemble their habitat. Remember, this cactus garden requires very little water and pretty much light. Cactus gardens are usually laid using materials commonly found in the desert, i.e. the rocks, pebbles, sand, and various kinds of cactus plants. The media used are coarse sand and manure in the ratio of 3:1.

Gardens are always able to make a house look more beautiful and fell more relaxing. Now that you have known the indoor garden systems, you can start searching for indoor garden ideas. Good luck and get ready to have the best indoor garden.

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