4 Mistakes in Organizing a Small Room

Small Space Saving Purple Bedroom IdeaThere are many mistakes can be done by homeowners when designing a room with a limited are. It occurs due to lack of adequate knowledge about the best design for a small room. Here are four common mistakes done by homeowners when designing a tiny room:

1. Playing it safeĀ 
Most homeowners will probably think to play it safe with a small room organization. In fact, there are many things can be done by homeowners to make a small room look attractive.

2. Putting too many items
Without considering the space capacity, sometimes homeowners put various items in a narrow room. This will make the room look more narrow and small.

To work around this, you need to choose the right furniture. If the room is really small, then you can take advantage of the ceiling height to give a spacious high impression. For example, you can place a high cabinet and some wall displays surrounding it. The height effect of the cabinet will make the room look more spacious.

3. Floor and wall colors
Many people choose colors solely based on their taste, without considering the aesthetic value. Thus, do an advance planning about the use of the room. For instance, if you want to make a workroom, choose a color combination that can enhance your spirit to work. Bright colors are strongly advised to be applied in an area that has limited space because it can give the impression of a spacious area. Conversely, avoid using dark colors because it will give the impression of a cramped space.

4. Unbalanced proportion and scale
Proportion and scale are important to consider in a small room organization. If you want to avoid burdening the room with furniture that looks big or crowded, then you should make sure that the furniture’s size is in accordance to the size of the room. For small rooms, avoid placing objects higher than 36 inches.

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