4 Practical Ways to Save Electricity at Home

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Turning off the lights during the daytime and other electric devices when not in use helps you save energy. | home-designing.com

An energy saving house design would contribute a lot to our earth preservation. What can we do to save energy inside the house then? Well, today we share several tips to save electricity in your house.

Light efficiency
The first way you can do reduce the electricity costs is by replacing incandescent bulbs to energy efficient bulbs, such as LEDs. 100 Watt energy in incandescent is equivalent to a 5 Watt LED light. To illuminate a room, LED generally requires only 0.1 watt, meaning that you will save your energy consumption up to 80%.

Refrigerator efficiency
The second way to save electricity costs that you can do is to make efficiency in your refrigerator. First, set the refrigerator temperature at the ideal temperature which is around 2-4 o C and -17 up to -15 o C for the freezer. Secondly, you should replace an old refrigerator with a new one because new refrigerator standards for energy efficient can save up to 20%. Third, reduce the frequency of opening the refrigerator door. Almost 7% of energy will be wasted if the refrigerator door is opened too often or for a long time.

Air conditioner efficiency
Third, being efficient in the use of air conditioning is another way in saving electricity costs. You can do this by setting the air temperature at the ideal temperature of 24-250C. Don’t forget to turn off the air conditioning when not in use. Also, clean the air filter once in every two weeks and AC condensers and coils every three months regularly, because the energy wastes can be caused by a dirty air conditioning. By cleaning it regularly, you will save electricity up to 15%.

Electronic device efficiency
Finally, cut your electricity expenses efficiently in the use of electronic devices. Turn off all electronic devices when no longer in use and don’t forget to unplug the power cord from the wall socket when finished using it. And, you should replace your desktop computer with a laptop because the screen saver on your computer screen takes five times more energy than laptops. 

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