4 Simple Tips on Saving Water at Home

Save Water PosterWater is one of the crucial components in life. Water is also one of the basic needs of living things. Without water, it is impossible for living things to survive.

However, recently a professor of earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Berkeley says that California will be hit by an extreme drought. In fact, in anticipation of this, the government of California has taken serious steps by reducing water consumption by 2020.

Every year the family in America spends 400 gallons of water every day. About 60 percent is used for watering the yard and filling swimming pools or hot tubs.

However, this situation cannot go unpunished. Saving water must be done by anyone, and start from ourselves. How can we conserve water at home? Here’s the tips:

First, reduce wasteful outdoor watering. Most of the residential water is used for outdoor watering. The easiest way to save water is to reduce watering time. Morning at 6:00 until 10:00.

The morning is the best time for watering plants because water can seep deep into the roots of plants. In addition, watering plants in the morning will reduce evaporation under the hot sun.

Second, check for damage to the crop sprinklers since if there is leakage, you will waste more water.

Third, fix the leaks in the pipeline. Additionally, also check and repair all leaks in toilets, faucets or shower. Leaving a small leak in the toilet is a fatal error because that means wasting gallons of water per day. If possible, replace faucets by installing aerators to reduce the amount of incoming water.

Fourth, if you have the budget, install water-saving devices. The installation of these devices is indeed expensive. However, you will find it very useful when you can save more money from the water bill.

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