4 Things You Must Know before Building a House

Beautiful Minimalist White Exterior Home DesignA successfully designed home is a combination of visual sensitivity, practicality, understanding of material, and willingness to cooperate with the environment. It is not only about the visual look of the house, but also about the suitability between the building materials and the available budget and also the comfort created by the home design. Today we share four basic principles you need in designing a house so that you can make your dream house come true, a successfully designed house.

A new home can be designed when the designers know the location where the house will be built. Designing a house without knowing the condition around the location will definitely result in a bad designed building. A house can be built from local materials so that it seems to have grown out of the landscape, or can be made contrast with the landscape to create a dramatic impression.

Composition is the art of balance. It is a challenge for architects when applying it to a house design. There are values ​​of compositions commonly used in designing such golden section, basic geometric shapes, repetition, and hierarchy. Composition values ​​are in fact universal art values that can be found in other artworks such as music, paintings, or sculptures. If we can apply this to our home design, then we can create artworks in the house.

A house design with a good composition will be in vain if the house is built of low quality materials or materials containing hazardous substances. The selection of materials should be planned thoroughly before building the house so that the look, texture, and density of the material would seem harmonious with the size and shape of the house.

A well-designed house is made in order to make the occupants live comfortably. The circulation must be work effectively. The air temperature of the house is an important factor to create a comfortable home design, in which we can use natural lighting from the sun and natural air as well. A house can be said to be successfully designed when it reached the harmony between its practicality and beauty.

Those are some tips you need to consider before building a new house. Let’s keep in mind that a well planned house will result in a comfortable and pleasant house for all the family members.

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