4 Tips for a Modern Minimalist Home Design in a Tropical Area

Tropical Minimalist Modern Living Room IdeaTropical countries are synonymous with hot air temperature. Despite being inside the house, you can still feel the heat. Those who want to build a house in a tropical country should present a home design which is able to provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere so that  you and your family always feel at home. There is indeed a home design that offers comfort for those who live in a tropical country. A minimalist modern  home design would be the perfect choice.

1. Selection of colors for minimalist modern home design
A minimalist modern home design can bring a comfortable, cool, and fresh sense in your home. To create this design, there are some aspects that you must consider. One of them is the color at home. To support the cool and fresh atmosphere at home, you should choose bright and natural colors. The selection of bright and natural colors will provide a natural and fresh impression. This design is suitable for a tropical house which indeed brights a natural architectural concept.

2. Big windows and doors for a modern minimalist home design
Tropical house design is also very synonymous with tropical touches like the large windows and doors. With the tropical touches in the form of large windows and doors that serve  to facilitate the circulation of air, your house will always feel cool. A cool house is certainly very comfortable, especially for a tropical area. You may also add a number of living elements to your home. In addition to strengthening the natural side of the home, the living elements in your home also serve as a part of the home interior decoration.

3. Living elements in a modern minimalist home design
Some examples of living elements that could serve as your home decoration are ornamental plants either planted in small pots or in the garden area of your home, beautiful ornamental fish, ornamental trees, etc. But keep in mind that since the design of your home is modern minimalist, select elements which are in accordance with the concept of minimalism, which are simple, functional, practical, and efficient.

4. The interior of a minimalist modern home design
Make sure the furniture you choose is suitable with the interior design concept of your house. Do not use too many accessories and choose only the ones with a simple shape. In terms of the color, you can choose on of the following recommended colors: white, black, gray, brown, blue, green, and orange. You may also combine two or three colors whether it is for the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, or accessories.

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