4 Tips to Use Blue in Your Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist Light Blue Bathroom with White Bathtub and White SinkColor symbolizes something, it’s no doubt. Red is dominant and bold, yellow symbolizes cheerfulness, white and gray symbolize neutrality, and so forth.

Blue is the color of the sky and is often used to describe the color of the sea. The color blue is one of the familiar colors that we often see. It is suitable to be applied in a minimalist bathroom. The blue color can give the impression of a clean space. It will look not only simple but also elegant.

Here are some tips to present the shades of blue in your minimalist bathroom:

1. Determine what type of blue you’re going to use
It is important to remember that the color blue has many variants. Use a light blue color if you want to present a bright atmosphere in your minimalist bathroom. Light blue is suitable to be applied in almost all types of bathrooms. Or, you can use a blue-gray color because it gives the impression of a soft color in the bathroom. Turquoise color is very appealing, attractive, elegant and perfectly suits a modern home interior because it gives a relaxed feeling.

2. Avoid applying dark blue in your minimalist bathroom
Applying dark blue for the entire minimalist bathroom walls will just make the bathroom look dark, especially when it is not equipped with adequate lighting. ┬áIt’s a good idea to use the dark blue for accents only. However, if you still want to use dark blue for the walls, make sure you make it look nice by choosing bright colored furniture to create a balance.

3. Combine blue and white
You can imagine if the light blue color is combined with white in the bathroom, the beauty aura of the bathroom will truly shine. This white and blue color combination can be applied in all types of minimalist bathroom designs.

4. Provide adequate lighting
If you decorate your minimalist bathroom with blue, make sure the bathroom gets a lot of direct sunlight. This light is to reinforce the blue accents in the bathroom, in addition to avoiding the a narrow and dark impression there.

Image credit: skroutzondeck.com

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