4 Ways to Bring Natural Fragrance to Your House

Fresh Fragnant Home with HerbsThere are a lot of natural ways to make your house smell amazing in addition to using home fragrance products sold in the market.. Home fragrances can indeed be obtained from natural materials that are certainly safe for you and your family members.

The following are some natural home fragrance that might be useful for you:

1. Flowers/ scented plants
One example of natural fragrances for your home is flowers or plants that can produce fragrance. There are quite a lot of types of flowers that can create a fresh scent, call it jasmine, roses, flower, lilies, lavender, and many other types of flowers.

Besides smelling good, they are also very beautiful that they can be a part of your interior decoration. So these flowers have two functions, namely as natural room fragrances and ornamental plants that can beautify your room.

2. Pine, pandanus, and sandalwood
In addition to several types of flowers above, there are also other types of plants that can make your home smell nice, including pine, sandalwood, and pandanus.

All three of these plants have a very distinctive scent and can be used as a natural fragrance to your room. Maybe you can make pandanus as an ornamental plant in your indoor garden. However, pine and sandalwood seems less suitable when grown in indoor gardens because of their big size.

In fact you do not need to put sandalwood or pine alive in your home. Just use a small portion of them and to freshen your room. Practical and easy, is not it?

3. Aromatherapy candles
You can also use aromatherapy candles as natural air freshener for your home. With the aroma therapy candles, your room will instantly feel like a spa room. Your body and mind can be relaxed.

Put the aromatherapy candles in the right spots.; in a beautiful and safe container, like a beautiful small glass container with a unique shape. You can also put the aromatherapy candles on a small container like a heat-resistant plate, then add some ornaments such as colorful small natural stones and  beautiful flowers.

4 Essential oils
Essential oil is oil that is made ​​from natural ingredients, very safe, and environmentally friendly. There are three variants of the essential oil which are most commonly used, namely lemon essential oil, peppermint essential oil and lavender essential oil. All the three have a very refreshing scent.

You can use essential oils for a variety of rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and family room. Simply put a few drops of essential oil to toilet tissue. In a short time, your bathroom will be fresh and fragrant. Do the same to the other rooms.

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