4 Ways to Create a Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden PlanterDid you know? You can use the walls of your home as a garden, that’s called a vertical garden. Vertical garden is a garden in which the plants are planted vertically and attached to the wall either the interior or exterior wall. There are four common methods used in creating a vertical garden.

First, using textiles or dry goods. Do it by hanging the textiles on the wall. The textiles are not in the form of sheets but those which are designed with a lot of pockets as the media to put the plants.

Second, using PVC pipes. Do it by planting the plants directly in the provided pipes which contain the planting media. After that, hang the PVC pipes on the shelves which are designed in levels.

Third, using HDPE (high density polyethylene) materials. The material is in the form of a basket with a size of 50cm x 50 cm, thickness of 25 cm, and has 16 holes which function as the place to grow the plants. You just need to put the planting media which is covered by geo-textiles to the holes. Then, hang the baskets on the wall.

Forth, using bricks. You can do this by placing the bricks in a certain pattern creating a space to grow the plants. This method is cheaper than the others. Yet, although it is cheap, it is less practical in the application since this method requires you to arrange and construct the bricks first.

Plants which are commonly used in a vertical garden is a type that has shallow roots and does not spoil. Plants that meet these requirements are the grass and ground cover plants.

image credit: plantsonwalls.com 

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