4 Ways to Start Going Green from Home

Go Green Illustration Big Tree on HandsWe always can do little things for great effects, including on preserving the earth. By starting doing little things from home, we can actually contribute to earth preservation. Let’s begin changing our lifestyle for the better earth.

1. Making the home environment green
Green your home environment. Complete your home with a green garden full of trees, plants, and grass. Gardens can serve a double function; as air fresheners and rain water catchment areas. That way you will be able to always live a healthy life because you always breathe fresh air from your garden. The color green from plants is also good for eye relaxation. So, go green living habits is actually beneficial not only for nature, but also for your health.

2. Walking and cycling
You can also support the efforts to go green by getting used to walking and cycling. If you want to travel out of the house for a short distance, then choose walking or cycling. This is an environmentally friendly and healthy habit. Your body will be forced to actively move, so that the muscles are not stiff. Making yourself get used to walking and cycling can also reduce the air pollution in the environment.

3. Consuming organic food
Switch to organic foods. In addition to being healthy and free of pesticides, vegetables and organic food are equally delicious with the non-organic ones. Due the absence of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides, the organic food also supports the efforts to go green. You can make an organic garden on your own in your yard.

4. Using renewable energy
The use of renewable energy is quite effective in reducing the production of carbon dioxide. Besides, choosing renewable energy  can make the air and environment healthier and cleaner. The clean air and environment is definitely good for the health of your lungs.

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