5 Bedroom Themes which Reflect the Owner’s Personality

Eclectic Bedroom DecorThemes and color of the bedroom reflect the personality of the owner. Here are five types of personality we can find through bedroom themes:

1 . Neutral Comfort
This theme brings soft and neutral colors, like beige or blue sky, which reflect a calm and understanding character of the owner. Bedroom with this theme will make the owners feel comfortable.  They often bring a television in this bedroom to create more comfort.

2 . Eclectic Vibrant
Brightly colored furniture or the one with floral, fruit or polka-dot motif will be found in a vibrant eclectic bedroom. People with this bedroom theme are the ones who are passionate in their life.  The bedroom is usually not too wide and is full of pillows. It defines the relationship of the owner with people around him/her who tend to be intimate. The owner of this room does not like loneliness.

3 . Playful Femininity
The bed in a playful femininity themed bedroom usually has four poles on each corner. The bedroom often features colors like indigo up to soft pink which is combined with the color white. The feminine details can be found in lace fabrics with small floral motifs. The owner of this playful femininity bedroom design is usually crazy about details and relatively sensitive to the surrounding environment.

4 . Moody Simplicity
There are only three colors for this moody theme, i.e. black, grey, and brown. The owner of this moody simplicity room generally feels more secure by not using a bed frame for the mattress. Additionally, teenage boys are the ones who usually bring this moody simplicity theme into their room. They only puts items they really like and need so that the bedroom tends to be neat.

5 . Traditional Classic
Traditional classic bedrooms generally feature teak furniture which represents strength. Brown is a favorite color choice which tells people that the room owner is someone who loves quality. Sometimes there is even a chandelier hung on the ceiling making it more classic and beautiful.

So, what theme do you want to bring into your bedroom?

Image credit: founterior.com 

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