5 Creative Ideas to Optimize The Empty Spaces in Your Home

Attic Bedroom DesignThere are usually empty spaces without any function in every home, even in a small home. Actually there are many things we can due to make every space of our house functional. Well, here we share several tips on how to make your empty spaces in your small home become useful.

Loft / attic
A loft – also called attic, sky parlor, garret – is a space found directly below the pitched roof of a house. The loft in your house can be used as a warehouse, workroom, or even bedroom. But you have to consider the roof structure, especially the triangular roof, whether it allows heavy loads. Also, make sure that the loft design has a good air circulation.

Area under the stairs
A staircase as which leads you to a different floor also leaves an empty space under it. The empty space under the stairs has been frequently used for various things. The design that has been widely applied is the use of space under stairs for storage. However, you can also change the space into a built-in book shelf, workspace, or even for dry toilets. Adjust the function of the space to the stairs’ shape and size.

Area behind the door
The door position which is at the end of the room can create another empty space. Some homeowners often let this space empty and have no function since they do not know what to do about it. The most effective solution is to put a shelf or rack in that hidden space so that you can store organize your items neatly in that storage space.

Corners and hallways
Corners and hallways in the house are spaces that are usually forgotten. You can install a built in rack on the corner of your room, or make a mini walk-in closet there. For the hallway, put a cabinet or small rack along the wall and make sure that it does not interfere with the traffic at that area.

Multifunctional column
A building column on the wall, that is usually not present at the corner of the room, can cause an empty space which has no function. This space can be used as storage space in the form of shelf. Add a small table you can use for work.

Those are some creative ideas to make all ‘dead’ space in your home functional and useful. Be ready for a home improvement then.

Image credit: interiormatter.com 

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