5 Criteria of a Good House According to Feng Shui

Bright Living Room with Abstract Painting and Indoor PlantsIt is true that Feng Shui has a very big role, especially for those who believe in Feng Shui analysis. Feng shui has been regarded as a science that can balance the energy in a particular place. The balance of energy can create another energy which is very good for health and fortune of the household.

A house should be laid out in such a way that the occupants always feel the positive energy. Well, there are several criteria for a good house from the perspective of Feng Shui:

The lighting in your house should be well laid out, and the quality should also be good. Do not let your house lack of lighting since it will gradually lose your energy. The effect will be not good for your emotions.

Ventilation / air flow
The air vents should be adequate and well arranged. If you feel that you need more air vents in your house , you can work around this by opening the windows of your house. Open windows can be a medium of exchange of positive energy so that energy from outside the house can enter the house through the window. You can also use air purifiers to keep the indoor air quality. Good air exchange in the house will make the quality of your health good as well.

Wall paint
For the bedroom, the suitable wall paint colors are pastel colors, which are also highly recommended for the color of your bed cover. Beige is an excellent color pastel. You are also advised that you do not use cool colors on your home because they can make you feel anxious continuously.

Home decoration
You can provide decoration on your home with beautiful fresh plants. Ornaments in the form of beautiful living plants can attract positive energy. Try to always take care of ornamental plants as healthy plants can provide great positive energy for you.

Choose painting as a part of your home decoration wisely. The existence of a painting or drawing has a considerable effect on the energy. A peaceful painting is very good for your home because it can bring positive energy to you and your home. Meanwhile, spooking paintings or drawings can bring negative energy.

In addition, you should also pay attention to five things which can bring negative energy. Those five things include a low ceiling, a main door which directly faces the stairs, too many objects on the balcony of the house, a bathroom down the hall, and AC or beams in an open space.

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