5 Danger Zones at Home You Should Be Aware Of

Blue White Bathroom Design IdeaThe house is a palace as well as a dangerous place for the beloved children and elderly. You might often hear so many cases that hurt children because of an accident at home. Among other things, due to poisoning, electrocution, drowning, and so on.Let’s see further which places in the house that are harmful to children, elderly, and you yourself.

1. Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart and soul of the house but also the source of the problem at the same time. It is because cooking requires a fire and it is very dangerous for children as well as adults. Therefore, you should never leave the kitchen while cooking. The most often accidents occurred are caused by the hot water and hot oil, and because of fire.

2. Bathroom
Believe it or not, a child can be drown only because of the water in the bucket. Well, do not even leave the kids (especially toddlers) alone near some water. Children have a great curiosity and do not understand the meaning of danger. They could have put his head into the bucket and could not pull back so that eventually they cannot breathe.

If you bathe your baby in a large bucket or tub, make sure it is always in your hand sling. Also avoid leaving the baby in the bathroom just to answer a ringing phone, take a towel, or other trivial reasons. Prepare all off your needs before you bathe your baby and place everything not far from where he bathes. Falling in the bathroom is also a common cause of accidents. So, always clean the bathroom regularly so that it is not slippery. Put a rubber mat in the tub, provide a mat, and so on.

3. Drugs and chemicals cabinets
Every day, there is only a child who has to be rushed to hospital emergency departments as a result of chemical and drug poisoning. Your drug and chemical cabinet can be a source of your children’s curiosity. Although there are only baby oil and mouth cleaning liquid containing ethanol inside the cabinet, it still has the potential to poison .

There is no other way except making sure that the cabinet to store medicine, shampoo, mop liquid, and other chemicals is always in a closed and secured condition. Be careful also if there are guests staying at home such as a grandmother or other relatives who happen to bring their personal medications. Ask them to keep it well. Do not put it haphazardly in the room because it could endanger the child who likes to put everything into their mouth.

4. Steps
Fall is a scary thing for everyone, especially for the elderly, due to falls can cause them to lose their independence. If you create a safe home for the elderly, it means that you create a safe home for everyone .

Many fatal falls occur because of a fall from the stairs (falling out of bed is ranked second). Well, to keep the stairs safe is to always clean the steps and do not have any items left on the steps. Do not climb the stairs when you use high heels. Before climbing the stairs, both feet must be stable. One of the tips to minimize the danger of the stairs is by coating it with carpet, so the stairs are not slippery and not too sharp at the edge.

5. Swimming pool
Now more and more homes have swimming pools, something interesting and fun as well as harmful. Every year, hundreds of toddler are drowning in swimming pools. Thus, never leave a child in a pool. Keep children away from the water when no guarding.

Please evaluate the safety level of these areas in your home so that your child and family can avoid the possible dangers.

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