5 Effective Ways to Repel Mosquitoes from Your Home

Mosquito BiteDuring the rainy season, many homeowners are complaining about mosquitoes in their house. In addition to causing itch, some species of mosquitoes can cause malaria and dengue fever. You must not want your family to experience the diseases that can be life-threatening. Thus, you need to know how to anticipate these risks.

The following are tips on how to protect families from mosquitoes at home.

1. Preventing stagnant water at home 
Stagnant water is where mosquito larvae can develop. Therefore, make sure the area around the yard and in your home free from stagnant water. Unused containers exposed to rain will make water accumulate. It is advised that you put away any unused containers around the house.

If you have a pond around your house, do not forget to put some fish in it. These fish will eat the mosquito larvae which are ready to metamorphose into harmful mosquitoes. This method is  proved to be quite effective to minimize the mosquito population around the house.

2. Trimming plants
Bushy plants often become a home for mosquitoes. To that end, do not forget to trim the plants around your home that may have looked heavy. You should also prune shrubs and wild plants in your yard. By doing this, mosquitoes would not live near your home.

3. Check the condition of the window
Make sure all windows and doors closed when dusk arrives. At times like this, the invasion of the mosquito colonies come to attack you and your family.

Make sure also that all windows in your home are in a good condition and completely closed. This is to prevent mosquitoes sneak through the tiny cracks that may have been damaged. 

Just like humans, mosquitoes also have things that are not liked. In this case, mosquitoes hate fragrances caused by several types of plants.

Some types of plants are recommended to repel mosquitoes is like Lavender, Lemon grass, Geranium, Rosemary and Evodia Sauveolens. Plant these plants on the access of air circulation in in your home, e.g. near the windows. This is to prevent mosquitoes from entering through any access into your home.

4. Do not pile up stuff at home
Piling up stuff often becomes a habit at home. The bad news is that the piled up stuff often becomes the most perfect place for mosquitoes to hide. To that end, always monitor the condition of all the rooms in your home so that no stuff piled.

Those are four guides for mosquitoes control in your house. Do the above tips and create a mosquito free house! Good luck.

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